Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social media is a significant part of customer analytics because it’s the prominent forum where customers are hanging out and chatting about products and services. And they aren’t holding back. The good news is that with social media, you can listen to customers directly. You can learn the words they use to describe your product and hear what they find useful. Sunseaz Technologies has a dedicated digital team that provides Social Media Management solutions to help you tap into this new marketing channel to interact with your customers and establish a social media strategy to draw value from social business.

Sunseaz helps your organization drive innovation from public interactions by providing end-to-end solutions and services which include:

  • Plan an enterprise training structure
  • Roadmap blueprinting
  • Strategy and consulting for different markets
  • Enterprise social integration through various sources
  • Community solutions
  • Brand reputation management
  • Digital asset optimization
How can we help?

Begin your analytics project by defining what you want to achieve. What will have the biggest impact on your business? Is your organization focused on new customer acquisition and market share growth? Or is profitability per customer the driving force? Perhaps your biggest objective is to limit churn? Defining these objectives upfront and recognizing that you cannot do everything at once will give you the essential focus needed to start using customer analytics in the most effective way.

Our solutions enable you to develop a social media strategy that is aligned to your key business objectives, and leverages digital technologies to produce a significant competitive advantage. Our social media monitoring tools help you perform all social media tasks such as crawl, translate, analyze and tag posts, respond, manage influencers, and create reports. Additionally, these social media techniques allow you to engage communities, create meaningful incentives, and strengthen the business performance. Companies across all industries and vertical markets are venturing into social platforms for digitally driven business and efforts to achieve improvisation of customer care, crowd sourcing ideas for product development, and to identify and address emerging issues before they become problems. We integrate the latest emerging technological elements into our solutions, giving you maximum visibility over your customers and competitors.

With proven expertise in social-enabling business processes, we are well-positioned to align social technologies with your business processes for enhanced customer engagement. Our offerings are technology agnostic and leverage your existing technology investments and architecture preferences.